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7 Benefits Of Having A Pulsar Night Vision Scope

Night vision scopes are one of the best ways that you can level up as a hunter. The best hunters are prepared for all eventualities and to spot prey or marks any time of the day. If you want to reach the elite level and make sure you never miss a potential target, you need to be ready to strike, whatever the light levels outside. 

A pulsar night vision scope can be the ideal accomplice. Not only can you spot far more targets, but you can even record and stream your hunts or night rescue efforts. Let’s dive right into the numerous benefits of these high-tech scopes. Time to revolutionize the way you scope.

What is Pulsar Night Vision?

Pulsar night vision is a thermal imaging technology that allows you to see from an incredible distance, even with virtually no light source.

You can buy this technology in a range of different Pulsar day/night vision rifle scopes with loads of uses. As well as being good for hunters, they are great for search and rescue, and even video shots. 

They feature a highly sensitive CMOS sensor (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor). This means that even with limited light, the sensors can convert the image into a digital signal.

The devices also make use of an Infrared illuminator to identify targets without lighting up the area and giving your location away. Pulsar night vision uses high-quality electronic components and advanced algorithms to process the data it collects and present you with a flawless image.

Benefits of a Pulsar Scope

Let’s dive into some of the benefits of a night vision scope, and the key features to consider.

1. Impressive Detection Range

A product like the Forward FN455, with a Pulsar night vision scope included, can detect up to 500 meters in the distance. The Helion XP 2 goes even further. Objects and prey can be seen 1800 meters away even in total cover of darkness.

It provides this detection range by having extreme sensitivity to light, exceptional optics and parts, and an HD display and sensor. Pulsar scopes allow you to see further with virtually zero light available, while some scopes have just a 100 meter range.

2. You Can Still Use it During the Day

A night vision scope doesn’t have to be exclusively for night vision. With a wide range of settings and contrast functions, you can still set this up for a daytime session, even if there are lots of natural light.

The Forward FN models attach to the end of the bell of your existing scope. All you need is an adapter to mount it. When you are not using the product, the adapter has a protective cap. 

3. You Get a Choice of Color Palettes

Color palettes are not about style. There are 8 different palettes that are in place so the user can see the field of view better in certain conditions. For instance, the White Hot mode might help with detection, whereas Ultramarine is better for identifying species and objects. Sepia is easier on the eye, meaning this model is best for long spells of viewing.

4. Image Detail Boost

Nobody wants a blurry image when they are scoping. If you are filming or taking photos this is even more vital. Many Pulsar night vision scopes come with the ability to track even small and subtle objects. 

The image detail boost can detect and identify movement and targets. It can also differentiate the background. They can improve the detail of the image even if the lens collects limited data. You will see your target more clearly or even pick things up that you would otherwise have missed.

5. Smart Device Integration and Filming

One of the elite, modern features of having a Pulsar night vision scope is the option to use it in conjunction with your phone or another device. You can use the digital image and stream it in real time.

Many Pulsar-enabled models have the capacity to connect to either Android or Apple devices. You can stream the images and videos, store, and share files straight onto a device. You don’t have to rely on internal memory on your scope. You may also choose to broadcast your footage via YouTube or other platforms.

Filming or streaming means you can analyze video as part of a search and rescue effort, often with a team of people reviewing the footage for things you may have missed.

Another benefit of linking to your devices is that it is easy to update the firmware of your scope. As soon as updates are released, ensure you’ve got the latest version, with bug fixes and new features.

6. Wide Range of Operating Temperatures

Extreme times in the day often mean extreme temperatures, too. Plus, if you often find yourself going to places where it is scorching hot or bitterly cold, you need to know your scope can cope. Pulsar models can operate between -25 and +50°C with no loss of quality.

7. Well Made and Waterproof Scopes

Though this is not something specific to Pulsar night vision scopes, with all that technology sat inside the unit, the manufacturers make sure it is protected. For instance, the Helion range of scopes is made with ultra-high-strength magnesium alloy. This gives protection from hot, cold, rainy, and icy conditions.

The product is also IPX7 waterproof, so rain is not going to impact the functionality of your scope. 


Pulsar night vision scope gives you industry-standard detection with no light. Products such as the Pulsar Helion 2 XP 50 allow you to detect and identify whether it is night or day. The scope is durably built with the strongest materials. You can rely on it for years.

Getting a Pulsar scope with night vision tech can increase your range in the evenings from 100 meters to an incredible 1800 meters. By using the latest in hunting technology, you can give yourself a far better chance to succeed at finding your target.