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8 Best Night Vision Monoculars In The Market

Are you looking for a premium night vision device? Night vision monoculars have changed the game. Featuring the ability to work day and night, monoculars will transform your hunting skills. When purchasing, you should look for clear views and good battery life. They are handheld devices that provide night vision for one eye.

Investing in a good pair of night vision monoculars will make finding your target easier. Activities that these monoculars will help optimize include:

  • Hunting
  • Camping 
  • Wildlife observing
  • Security 

We will discuss eight options of the best night vision monoculars on the market. Considering the field of view, range, price, and eye relief are all necessary as you shop.

The Best Night Vision Monoculars 

1. Pulsar Axion LRF XQ38 3.5-14x32 Thermal Monocular Night Vision Scopes

Get lightweight visibility with the Pulsar Axion LRF XQ38 3.5-14x32 Thermal Monocular Night Vision Scopes. Made from an all-metal body, these monoculars are durable, yet light for carrying on long-distance camping trips. 

The clarity and detail that these monoculars offer are one-of-a-kind. Featuring premium picture enhancement technology, you’ll be able to spot anything in pitch black. Boasting a 33mm lens, the Pulsar Axion LRF provides a detection range of 1350 meters. The integrated laser range finder helps determine the distance of objects. With 6-hours of non-stop operation, your visibility will last nearly all night. 

The Pulsar Axion LRF balances price and quality. 

2. Night Owl iGEN

Unlock ambient light application up to 650x. The Night Owl iGEN Night Vision Monocular features a 2.6x glass magnification lens and unmatched clarity. This highly sensitive monocular has a flat and curvy design, perfect for camping and hiking. 

Use this monocular in the day or night time. You won’t get any bright-spot blooming or halo-effect. The Night Owl iGEN also features intelligent infrared emitters and undistorted infrared emitters. These work in conjunction to provide a clear, impressive picture. 

3. Luna Optics 6-36x50mm Digital G3 

See in the daytime and nighttime with the Luna Optics G3. Image quality is coupled with a direct HD view - taking the viewing capabilities to new heights. Unlock video recording with this unique design. The scope includes an impressive 12.2-megapixel camera. 

You’ll receive clear images regardless of the conditions with a 6x magnification. Unfortunately, the Luna Optics G3 doesn’t feature a great battery. What you sacrifice in battery will be made up for in the adjustable controls and menu. 

4. Bushnell 4.5x40 Equinox Z Digital 

Bushnell is a highly-trusted brand, and for good reason. Their monocular boasts a 40mm objective lens and 4.5x magnification. Featuring IR illumination, you may take pictures and videos with this piece. 

The Bushnell monocular is a little heavier, but it’ll mount a tripod beautifully. You can adjust the IR brightness and enjoy 750 feet of viewing range. Though the Bushnell monocular isn’t the best for short distances, this is a great budget option. If you’re new to nighttime observing, look no further than this option. 

5. Firefield Nightfall 

Match affordability with an incredible viewing range. The Firefield Nightfall is an excellent option for beginners. Get an impressive image quality and clear resolution. The Firefield Nightfall features a viewing distance of 650 feet and 5x magnification. It also boasts high power built-in infrared illumination. 

The design and casing of the Firefield Nightfall are ergonomic, weather-proof, and durable. Take these monoculars on a camping trip or hunting. If you’re new to night vision, this is an excellent option as they are user-friendly. 

Enjoy a quick power up for last minute sightseeing. When hunting, be mindful that the IR light can be noticed by animals. This may deter some from coming closer. 

6. ATN PVS14-3 Generation 3 

If you’re looking for a high-end monocular, look no further than the ATN PVS13-3 Generation 3. With a 27mm objective lens and a 1x zoom, this option features a wide field of view. With your purchase, you’ll receive an image intensifier tube and other usable accessories. This includes a lens tissue, demist shield, window neck cord, and more. 

This monocular will operate in temperatures anywhere between -40 and 55 degrees Celcius. This makes it basically weatherproof. You’ll be impressed with the excellent battery life. It is also waterproof and lightweight. Take these monoculars on any hunting or camping trip. 

7. Bering Optics 4.3x60 HiPo Gen 1 

The Bering HiPo Gen I NV has a 60m high-powered objective lens and 4.3x magnification. Zoom in as much as you need to hit your target. Long-range applications are no match for these monoculars. 

No more eye straining with this option. They feature good eye relief and allow you to wear your eyeglasses with use. The Bering HiPo Gen I NV seamlessly connects to many different accessories. The battery life will last as long as you need it to. They are also water-resistant and feature an integrated IR illuminator. 

The only downside to this option is the heaviness. Prepare for that and you’ll be set. 

8. TRYBE Optics Gen2 and Gen3 PVS-14 

Unlock a wide-angle of FoV with the TRYBE Optics! The 40-degree field of view is impressive. Moreover, this option runs on one AA battery, making it usable in most situations. Featuring a 25.4mm diameter lens, these monoculars can zoom 1x. 

Are you going for a night swim? This device can hit depths of 66 feet in the water. This makes it perfect for marine use. 
Despite the many positives of this option, you’ll notice a higher price tag. If you’re ready to invest in your outdoor activities, this is a great choice. 


Purchasing night vision monoculars will improve your hunting, camping, or hiking experience. If you’re an avid outdoorsman, investing in a good pair of monoculars is a necessity. Determine the best option for you based on the field of view, eye relief, zoom capacity, and range. Regardless of the option you choose, you’ll be glad that you made the investment. 

The best night vision monoculars will take your skills (and clarity) to new heights.