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8 Reasons to Use Waterproof Binoculars for Hunting

One of the limiting factors of a good hunting experience is terrible weather. In conditions such as rain and fog, your external field vision can become impaired, which mars your hunting session. A valuable piece of hunting equipment to consider in situations like this are waterproof binoculars.

You might not be a fan of this device, especially if you are a traditional hunter, but you will reconsider your stance shortly after reading this piece. Are 

Why Use a Waterproof Binocular? 

Hunting is fun when you have suitable materials. It helps you to keep the game going regardless of the environmental conditions. Below are some of the best reasons to use binoculars waterproof for hunting:

1. You Can Hunt Under Any Weather 

Using water-resistant binoculars eliminates the hassle of hunting only under selective conditions. It is versatile and instrumental while out in the wild. Rain, fog, or sunshine, this device would not fail you due to its resilient build-up. 

You don't have to worry about your mechanical gear getting wet when it starts to rain. The waterproof sealing will also protect it from sand, dirt, and dust when it's not raining. This function gives this binocular type an edge over other available options.

2. It Eliminates Worry About Internal Fogging of Binoculars 

Another impressive reason you should consider a binocular with the waterproof feature is that it is immune to heat. You don't have to worry about temperature fluctuations with this device. It won't fog up both on the outside and inside of the device. 

The waterproof sealing is usually tight enough to prevent air exchange from the outside. So, when the weather goes from cold to warm, it doesn't affect the internal setup. Therefore, there is no room for condensation or fogging up in the device. 

3. It is Versatile for All Types of Hunting 

Do you wish to take your hunting from land to sea and straight to the sky? Then, the waterproof binocular can be your trusted ally. You can engage in other games like fishing, birdwatching, hiking, and yachting. The device is suitable for all conditions and weather. 

4. It Lasts Longer Than Regular Binoculars 

The several protective abilities of water-resistant binoculars make them last longer than the regular ones. This device has an airtight feature, which helps in fogging and condensation prevention. This ability ensures its durability and long-term usability. 

Besides these, it uses materials that can withstand various vices. So, it tends to be more durable than other regular types. So, you can trust it to come through for you in the wild hunting for a long time. 

5. It Uses Better Construction 

The construction of a water-resistant binocular is super tight and sturdy. It also uses materials that make it suitable for smooth operation underwater and other adverse conditions. Most manufacturers give special attention to construction quality while making this device. 

6. It is Highly Cost-Effective 

This binocular type might be relatively expensive compared to other types at initial acquisition. But they offer a higher value for money in the long run. Besides the fact that they have a unique construction that lasts longer, they are versatile. 

The waterproof option will serve a more extensive purpose compared to regular options. With this device, you will cut the cost of consistent binocular changing. And you can ensure long-term usage without additional hunting gear expense.

7. It Prevents Internal Growth of Mold and Fungus 

If you find most old binoculars, it is common to spot mold and fungi growing inside. The growth of these organisms is a result of moisture and condensation inside the binocular. The good news is that you will not experience this case with a waterproof option. 

The super tight construction of this binocular type prevents moisture accumulation. So, neither air nor moisture can sip inside. This tightness will prevent the internal growth of these organisms that might damage the device. 

8. It is Easier to Maintain

Maintenance is an essential routine for any mechanical tool, and your binocular is not an exception. Proper preservation of your binoculars will not only help them to last longer. It will also keep them at a top-performing level. 

Maintaining binoculars waterproof is relatively easy. You would only have to clean the outer part since it does not allow air, dirt, and water penetration. All you need to do is clean the external parts with soft fabric.

Do I Need a Water-resistant Binocular? 

If you think about the best time to go hunting, it is natural to ask, "do I even need a waterproof binocular." The wise answer is yes. You need water-resistant binoculars if you go hunting. 

Here are reasons why you need a water-resistant binocular:

  • No one can accurately predict the weather. So, it is best to use a device that can withstand varying conditions. This device is immune to various harsh conditions that can arise during your hunting sojourn. 
  • Another reason why you need these binoculars is to add flexibility to your hunting tasks. You can hunt during any season, regardless of the weather condition. So, you don't have to be restricted to only hunting during specific periods. 
  • Lastly, the use of a waterproof device is vast. You can use it for hunting, fishing, yachting, and hiking. The waterproof feature will not only protect against water. It will also block off dirt, debris, and moisture. 

Thinking you don't need a waterproof binocular because you don't go hunting in the rain is a wrong notion. There is still mist in the air as a result of rapid temperature changes. These changes can cause moisture to build up in the binocular, leading to several damages. 

Are Binoculars Necessary for Hunting?

It is common for hunters, particularly beginners, to focus on hunting weapons like bow and rifle. Although there is nothing wrong with that, it is also essential to have some basic optical materials. A binocular is a hunting material that is essential for a successful hunting experience. 

Below are some of the critical reasons why binoculars are vital for hunting from novice to pro-level: 

1. Ease Scouting on a Long Range 

Long-range scouting is one of the most exciting parts of hunting. It helps you to see prey at a longer distance than regular eyes can see. Hunting with binoculars allows you to see more games than you would with naked eyes. 

So, you can reduce the stress of walking a long distance by taking a close observation with this device. The binocular will cover most of the space that you would have needed to cover. 

2. Helps You with Higher Clarification

It is common for most hunters with rifle scopes to think hunting with binoculars isn't necessary. Sadly, they are missing out on a higher clarification. Although rifle scopes will help you with moderate magnification, it is way lesser compared to binoculars. 

Binoculars are the best in terms of low-light visibility and clarity. This device has a larger objective lens; hence, it allows more light at the center. 

3. Helps You Get the Right Prey 

No hunter wants to miss the target or shoot the wrong prey. The good news is using simple binoculars will aid your accuracy in choosing a game. There are several cases of hunters mistaking humans for prey. 

You can avoid this costly mistake by having a clear view of your prey before taking a shot. Binoculars will help you to see the prey clearly before attempting to shoot. 

4. Allows You to Calculate Distance Easily 

Calculating distance and getting it right is one of the essential parts of hunting. There are innovations and improvements in the development of modern binoculars. In recent times, the best waterproof binoculars have rangefinders. 

The essence of this rangefinder is to figure out the accurate distance between you and the object in view. You can get the object's distance almost immediately after you get a clear picture of your thing. So, it will increase the accuracy and precision of your shooting. With binoculars and rangefinders, you will barely miss a shot! 

5. Helps You to Trace Escaping Prey 

You might never be able to outrun your prey—many hunters lose track of their prey in an attempt to run after it. However, using binoculars can help you trace your game using their footprint, also known as trails. This detail will help you to track down your prey without much hassle. 

6. Improves Your Hunting Skills 

You cannot be a great hunter without the right tools. Binoculars help you to advance your hunting skills. The device makes it easy to locate prey, calculate distance, and take accurate shots. So, you have an increased chance of finding and killing a game each time you are out to hunt. 

Are All Binoculars Waterproof? 

Never make this mistake of thinking all binoculars are waterproof. There are several models of binoculars that are not waterproof. They are often available at a lower price compared to the waterproof options. You have the responsibility of preventing water from reaching the device if you acquire a regular one. 

However, some fog-proof binoculars are also resistant to water. The glass and other materials that prevent fog from sipping in are also effective for water. But it would be best if you didn't take the risk of constantly exposing a fog-proof binocular to water. 

Features of a Water-resistant Binocular 

Certain features must be present on binoculars to make them water-resistant. These features are vital to their ability to keep out water. These properties are not usually available in non-waterproof options. Let's find out! 

1. Quality Housing 

The housing of a binocular is its outer cover. This housing plays two vital roles; to keep the parts of the device intact and aid water resistance. The housing is mostly rubber coated to protect the components from shocks and other vices. 

The housing comes in various colors, which makes them decorative as well. The rubber coating will also protect against regular mechanical damage. But it is crucial to note that rubber housing alone is not enough guarantee for waterproofing. 

2. Airtight Seal

The airtight seal is another essential property that ensures the waterproof quality of a binocular. This feature results from the combination of O-rings, gas-filled interiors, and seals. The O-rings will help to shut out moisture. 

Below are the key functions of this mechanism:

  • The gas-filled feature of the binocular makes it fog proof and waterproof.
  • It ensures that the binocular is airtight. So, when water touches the device, it only wets outside, but the inside stays dry. 
  • The airtight seal also prevents elements like dirt, water, and air from entering. Hence, it disallows condensation and fogging on the inside part of the binocular. 

The two common gasses useful for binoculars are Nitrogen and Argon. Both gasses are helpful because they do not react with any part of the binocular, and they exert the right pressure.   

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Binocular


Choosing the right binocular for you is as crucial as understanding the need for it. It is best to figure out the most suitable option for you before deciding. 

Below are some of the crucial factors to consider when choosing a binocular: 

  1. Size
  2. Field of view 
  3. Budget 
  4. Magnification power 
  5. Exit pupil 
  6. Diameter of the objective lens 
  7. Eye relief 
  8. Lens materials 
  9. Coatings and binocular housing
  10. Prism type 
  11. Waterproof, weatherproof, and fog proof features 
  12. Manufacturer's reputation and warranty offers 


A binocular should be one of the top elements in your hunting gear. It improves your hunting experience and skills, alongside other benefits. However, the best choice to go for is a water-resistant binocular selection. And you can never go wrong with getting a high-grade option. 

Note that most water-resistant binoculars can withstand splashes but not extended submersion. So, it is best to protect your device. Also, ensure that you only get the best waterproof binocular to guarantee quality. With this device, your hunting success will surely experience an exponential rise!