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Pros and Cons of Alpen Binoculars

Every hunter or birdwatcher knows that finding a good pair of binoculars is one of the hardest parts of their job. Of course, the market is packed with plenty of choices. But, choosing a pair that actually does what it says on the tin is where the hard work is. So, if you’re in the market for a pair of binoculars for your viewing needs, we understand if you’re confused.

Alpen Optics is one of the names you must’ve heard, during your search. It’s unsurprising, as the company has been making a lot of waves in the industry lately. But do their products really justify all the hype? Well, you will soon find out. In this article, we will take you through the pros and cons of this brand to help you choose a product that truly redefines your outdoor experience.

Are Alpen Binoculars Good?

We’ve become accustomed to Alphen’s high-class optics technology and protective features in recent times. So, it’s difficult to look beyond Alpen binoculars for your viewing needs. They come in ergonomic shapes and designs for better grip and comfortable handling. Also, they come with anti-fog and waterproof protection that make their products suitable and durable for all terrains.

Furthermore, you will find their binoculars designed with the porro and some with the roof prism mechanism. This caters for preference, genuine colors and high-definition images. The objective lenses and the exit pupils on their products are also well-balanced in design. This ensures perfect light and image transmission. Below are other outstanding features that this brand has.

Outstanding Features of Alpen Products

Good binoculars should give an impressive view of the environment that surrounds you. However, what sets the Alpen Optics products apart from the rest?   Here are some of the brand's unique features.

  • Durability

The recurring feature of all Alpen Optic products is the resistance they have against water, fog, and fall. You sure don’t want to replace your binoculars too often. This brand promises high durability that is suitable in all situations and for many activities.

The lenses, both the objective and the exit pupil, are treated to sustain crystal clear vision. This means no matter the terrain, you can always have access to crisp image quality and life colors. Also, the brand boasts of an excellent depth focus and lightweight feature. 

  • Field of View

This relates to the power of magnification. The magnification power can have a huge impact on the field of view. So, the greater the magnification power is, the narrower the field of view becomes. This brand, therefore, caters to a wide range of magnification power and objective lens width. 

This ensures you have a product to cater to the field of view you may need for a particular activity. The brand also boasts of  BK4 high index lenses to deliver crystal clear views.

  • Objective Lenses

The objective lenses receive the information and transmit it to the ocular lenses, also called the exit pupil. In transmitting the information correctly, the lenses need a lot of light. This allows you to see real life colors and crisp images through the exit pupil. Therefore, the wider the lenses are, the better they receive light. A wider lens also helps to transmit light to achieve brighter and clear images. 

Although, with bigger lenses comes bigger and heavier binoculars. However, the brand has products with a wide range of lens widths to choose from. The brand has product models with compact binoculars of 30mm lenses. Some models feature midsize lens binoculars of 42mm width. Furthermore, you can find lenses with very large objective lenses, such as the Alpen 16x52 binoculars.

  • Magnification Power

Most common types of binoculars have magnification specifications of 8 and 10. Also, the magnification has nothing to do with the size. A binocular could have a powerful magnification power and still be compact. Whether 8, 10, or greater, magnification means you can see the object in the distance closer than the capacity of your unaided eyes. 

Alpen offers a wide range of magnification power to suit your purpose. You can get bigger lenses with up to 16 magnification power. This choice may suit your preferred activities. Higher magnification power is suitable for hiking and hunting activities. Hence, no matter the activity you crave, there are always binos for you.

  • Exit Pupil

The exit pupil allows enough shaft of light into your eyes for brighter images and clarity. The power of the exit pupil is determined by the magnification power and the objective lenses. You will need some basic math to calculate this. Let's use a typical 8x42 binocular as an example. You will have to divide 42 by 8 to get the exit pupil of that binocular. In this case, it is 5.25mm. 

Also, the higher the exit pupil a binocular has, the better they are for low-light situations. The optic technology used by Alpen ensures a balance between the magnification and the objective lenses. This gives their products a wide range of exit pupil width to cater to preferences. 

Pros of Alpen Binoculars

  • They come in an elegant and lightweight design.
  • They have weatherproof and waterproof protection.
  • They come in high magnification power ranges to suit all forms of activities.
  • They are very affordable.
  • They feature true-to-life colors in high definition and are functional in low-light Situations.
  • Their lenses are multi-coated.
  • The binoculars come with a sturdy exterior with a comfortable grip feature
  • Most of the designs come with eye relief; a feature that isn't common to most brand

Cons of Alpen Binoculars

  • Some models come with a diopter that has no lock, e.g., the Alpen Apex 8x42 model.
  • Not all models are excellent in low light, and this may create a circular distortion.
  • Some designs feature less ergonomic barrel design. Thus, go for the design most appropriate for your hands.
  • Some models come without lens cups. Although the barrels are long enough to protect the lenses

In Conclusion

In determining whether Alpen binoculars are exactly worth the hype, we needed to take you through the most important features of a binocular. Interestingly, these features are not alien in most of the brand’s designs. 

However, all models are not exactly the same and the differences tend to reveal some downsides. But if you are a big fan of durability and powerful magnification, then buying this brand, that has gotten so affiliated with these features, is a great investment.