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Unveiling Precision: RACTOR OPTICA RO-J2MY Dental Operating Microscope Review


In the world of dental precision, the RACTOR OPTICA RO-J2MY Dental Operating Microscope emerges as a game-changing tool for dental professionals. This in-depth review explores the advanced features, camera parameters, and essential details that make this microscope an indispensable asset in the field of dentistry.

Key Features:

Feature Specification
Model RO-J2MY
Drawtube Binocular Microscope with Circle Light
Eyepiece 10X
Binoculars 10.5X 15B
PD Adjustable Range 55mm-80mm
Diopter Range ±7D
Spot Diameter 90mm
Camera Yes
View Diameter 10mm-100mm
Camera Pixel 1600W
Single Package Size 53X53X25 cm
Single Gross Weight 10 KG


Camera Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Dubleey Epiece Tube F=150mm, Pupil Distance Adjustment Range: 55mm-80mm
Eyepiece 10.5X, Field of Vision Adjustment ±7D
Objective Lens F=250mm
Object Diameter LED Light Source >45,000LX
View Diameter 8mm-80mm
Spot Diameter 90mm
Balance Arm Down: 240mm; Middle: 450mm; Up: 230mm
Photo Light Source LED Parallel Light Source, >10,000 Hours Life
Objective Magnification 2.5X~25X, Manual Continuous Regulation
Display Method System Software Display or IOS System Software
Maximum Resolution Full HD 1920*1080P
Camera External
Other Installation Methods Wall-Mounted, Floor-Standing, Clip-On


Additional Features:

Feature Specification
View Diameter 10mm-100mm
Spot Diameter 90mm
Balance Arm Down: 240mm, Middle: 450mm, Up: 230mm
Maximum Resolution 1920*1080P
Total Magnification Ratio 2.5-25X
Camera Pixel 1600W
Working Distance About 250mm
Microscope Light Source LED Balance the Light Source
Camera Shooting Extraposition
Light Color White and Orange
Connection Computer, Dental Camera, Monitor, TV, etc.


Essential Details:

The RACTOR OPTICA RO-J2MY Dental Operating Microscope combines precision optics with cutting-edge technology to offer dental professionals a comprehensive tool for detailed examinations and procedures. With a total magnification ratio ranging from 2.5X to 25X, it allows for manual continuous regulation, ensuring a clear and detailed view of the dental work area.

The microscope features a dual eyepiece tube with a field of vision adjustment of ±7D, providing flexibility for different users. The LED light source with over 45,000LX brightness ensures well-illuminated visuals, and the balance arm allows for easy positioning during procedures.

The inclusion of a camera with a 1600W pixel resolution and full HD 1920*1080P maximum resolution facilitates documentation and collaboration. The microscope is equipped with LED parallel light for photography, and the extraposition camera shooting option adds versatility to its applications.

Installation options include wall-mounted, floor-standing, and clip-on, offering flexibility in adapting to different dental settings. The microscope is designed with a balance of white and orange light, providing optimal contrast for detailed examinations.


In conclusion, the RACTOR OPTICA RO-J2MY Dental Operating Microscope stands as a testament to precision in dental optics. With a range of features designed to enhance visibility, facilitate documentation, and ensure user comfort, this microscope is a valuable addition to any dental practice.

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