AE2000 Binocular Inverted Microscope LED - Basic Package
AE2000 Binocular Inverted Microscope LED - Basic Package

AE2000 Binocular Inverted Microscope LED - Basic Package

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    Why Buy From Clarity Scopes

    The Motic AE2000 is an inverted microscope, designed for use in both educational and professional environments.  Superior optics for bright field and phase contrast modes of observation provide crisp images, suitable for demanding applications in lab work, research, and cell inspection.  This microscope is also easily customized with Motic’s wide line of accessories – condensers, objectives, petri dish holders, and much more.
    The AE2000 features newly upgraded Plan Achromatic objectives.  Carefully screened for the highest quality optical glass, these objectives contain a multi-layer coating for improved contrast and better image transmission.  The end result is sharper and brighter images, and an overall greater performance.  Motic also offers several optional objectives for bright field, phase contrast, as well as long working distances, all in a variety of magnification levels.
    Illumination is provided by a 6v/30w Halogen lamp, generating sufficient light for all available magnifications, including the PH40x, which is the most difficult objective for this application.  And to maximize versatility, the halogen lamp is easily swapped with an LED module, reducing heat which can harm live samples.  Therefore, users can have one microscope with two interchangeable illumination sources.



    Binocular head Siedentopf type 45° inclined
    Widefield high eyepoint eyepiece 10X / 20mm (paired), focusable
    Side facing quadruple nosepiece
    CCIS Plan Achromat objective PL PH4x, PL PH 10x
    ELWD N.A. 0.30 condenser
    Phase slider Ph0, BF, Ph1
    Centering telescope
    Plain Stage with metal & glass stage inserts
    3W LED llumination with intensity control
    45mm blue, Green Interference and Diffusion filters with filter slider
    Allen hexagonal key, vinyl dust cover, power cord
    Universal Power Supply 100-240V



    Type Binocular Inverted Microscope
    Optical System Colour Corrected Infinity Optical System [CCIS®]
    Observation Tube Widefield binocular 45°, 360° Swiveling
    Eyepieces Widefield high eye point, N-WF10X/20mm, with diopter adjustment
    Nosepiece Left side orientated, quadruple
    Stage 200X239mm surface
    Condenser ELWD N.A. 0.3, working distance 72mm. Without condenser: working distance 184mm
    Focus By nosepiece movement, 8mm
    Coaxial focusing knobs
    Coarse focus with torque adjustment
    Fine focus with 2μm minimum increment
    Illumination 6V/30W Quartz Halogen illumination with intensity control, or 3W LED


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