INSIGNIA CL42 Clip-on handheld thermal imaging monocular for hunting
INSIGNIA CL42 Clip-on handheld thermal imaging monocular for hunting
INSIGNIA CL42 Clip-on handheld thermal imaging monocular for hunting
INSIGNIA CL42 Clip-on handheld thermal imaging monocular for hunting
INSIGNIA CL42 Clip-on handheld thermal imaging monocular for hunting

INSIGNIA CL42 Clip-on handheld thermal imaging monocular for hunting

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    roduct parameters
    Pixel Size, um
    NETD, mk
    Frame Rate, Hz
    Objective Lens, mm
    Field of View
    Attachment:1×; Monocular:2.9×-11.6×
    1024×768 OLED
    Max. Battery Life, h
    Weight (without batteries), g
    Dimension, mm
    Adapter Ring Mount
    Detection Range, m
    (Target size:1.7m×0.5 m, P(n)=99%)
    Product Features
    ★High Image Quality

    ★AMOLED Micro Display

    ★Compact Size and Lightweight

    ★Quick Transformation
    ★Ultraclear Mode

    ★No Rezeroing Required and Quick Attached

    ★Familiar Precision

    ★Wireless Remote Control
    product description
    Thermal Imaging Attachment Clip CL42 Series
    The Clip C Series is designed as an attachment for any type of the standard day scope. NO REZEROING is needed just CLAMP&SHOOT. It is a dual-use camera since it can be switched into a professional monocular with the standard delivered eyepiece in few seconds.Now expanding your detection ability together with your day-scope.
    High Image Quality
    The high performance IRay Vox detector and the advanced image processing create brilliant and sharp images.Thermal imaging sensors ensure perfect detail recognition even in the worst weather conditions with low thermal contrast. In the most difficult weather conditions, the smallest temperature differences will be clearly visible on rainy, foggy or cold mornings.
    Ultra clear mode
    Built-in ultra-clear mode, for severe weather such as fog and rain, more sensitive, sharp and contrasting thermal imaging, which can enhance the recognition of animals, their limbs and even the smallest details (such as branches, leaves, grass and terrain) . Get more details.
    4 Color palettes
    A choice of 4 color palettes allows users to observe their field of vision more efficiently, allowing them to optimize the device for specific tasks and respond to changing viewing conditions. White hot, black hot, and red hot are the best choices for object detection, and Pseudo Color helps increase the chances of recognition and recognition.

    Optional reticle types
    Four reticle patterns to choose from, up to four sets of G1/G2/G3/G4 to store calibration data, reticles of various shapes and colors, 4 color options to help optimize aiming for specific conditions.
    Remote control/ App software
    Clip C Series is equipped with external devices that can be connected via bluetooth. The key layout of bluetooth remote control and mobile phone APP is consistent with the key on the Clip C device, including power key, menu key and correction key. The functions and operation methods are also corresponding with Clip C device.
    Rapid transformation
    The Clip C series is a dual-purpose camera that turns into a thermal imaging monocular with eyepieces. Because it can be converted into a professional monocular in seconds with the standard delivery eyepiece. It can be used as a thermal monocular for searching or as an attachment to a day rifle for shooting.

    Small size and light weight

    Mini, Rugged It's lightweight (less than 420 grams), ultra-compact (154mm x 54mm x 53mm) and its compact size and lightweight design do not significantly affect the balance of the. Performs well even at -30°C.

    AMOLED Microdisplay

    The new 1024x768 HD AMOLED micro display with HD resolution provides crisp images and vibrant colors. The monitor ensures excellent image quality and flawless performance even when viewing in mobile or freezing temperature conditions.

    Built-in Motion Sensor And Digital Compass

    Built-in accelerometer and digital compass improve accuracy by precisely identifying cant and angles. The Clip C series can indicate the direction and degree of lateral tilting. Wireless remote controller connected via bluetooth can be fixed near trigger which allows basic operations to be fulfilled easily.

    Familiar Precision

    Front mount allows consistent firing position and eye relief with existing day scopes. Original design and sophisticated technology ensure POI stability of the attachment while in use. The user does not need to make any corrections to the reticle position of the heliostat when installing the Clip C series.
    No re-zeroing and quick connect
    With special calibration of the camera, no re-zeroing is required after installation of the day scope, multiple zeroing profiles are stored in internal memory, each with distance coordinates for different situations, allowing for quick rifle changes and dynamic adjustments , clip shot, super easy to use.

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