EXOS-2 Equatorial Mount 2 Inch Steel Tripod – Clarity Scopes
EXOS-2 Equatorial Mount 2 Inch Steel Tripod (7977715466497)
EXOS-2 Equatorial Mount 2 Inch Steel Tripod (7977715466497)
EXOS-2 Equatorial Mount 2 Inch Steel Tripod (7977715466497)

EXOS-2 Equatorial Mount 2 Inch Steel Tripod

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    Equipped with intuitive controls and ergonomic design, the Exos-2 Equatorial Mount offers seamless navigation through the cosmos. Effortlessly adjust altitude and azimuth, lock in your target, and let your imagination soar as you delve deeper into the enigmatic beauty of the universe.


    Essential details

    Model Number
    Brand Name EXOS
    Material Steel
    Weight 20kg
    Mount Type Equatorial Mounts


    EXOS-2 GOTO automatic finder equatorial mount, 2" ST3 steel tripod, with standard equatorial mount
    Net weight: 15kg
    Bearing weight: 13kg
    Total height: 1.6m
    Packing length: 1m
    Number of turbine teeth: 144
    Number of bearings: 8
    Polar mirror: dark-field illumination north and south hemisphere scale calculation polar mirror
    RA/DEC drive: 12v DC servo motor with rotary encoder
    Control system: BRESSER GOTO SYSTEM EXOS EQ v2.3
    System data: 270,000 celestial body data, support custom target setting, support mid-sky over-the-top alarm, equatorial mount transmission gap correction
    Guide star interface: compatible with ST-4 standard
    Support platform: ASCOM
    Support software: ACP; APT; AST / ATC & Ricerca (Omega Lab); AstroArt; AstroMB; Cartes du Ciel / Sky Chart; CCD AutoPilot; DeepSky; Deepsky Planner; DFM Engineering; Earth Centered Universe Pro; EasySky; Eye and Telescope; Project Pluto; Hallo Northern Sky; Maxim DL; MaxPoint; PinPoint Astrometric; Prism; Sequence Generator Pro; Sidereal Technology; The Sky; SkyMap Software; SkyTools 3; Star Atlas PRO; Sky Observer; StarryNight; Stellarium; Virtual Moon Atlas.
    Power supply standard: 12v2A

    Scope of application: deep space observation, deep space photography, planetary observation, planetary photography, moon and sun photography
    EXOS-2 has manual and automatic star search, which is equivalent to Skywatcher HEQ5.

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