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INSIGNIA RM-95A Gen2 Night Vision Binoculars 5X Lens (7973911363841)

INSIGNIA RM-95A Gen2 Night Vision Binoculars 5X Lens

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    Why Buy From Clarity Scopes

     With the Insignia RM-95A Gen2, darkness is no longer your enemy but a realm of endless possibilities. Engineered with the latest second-generation technology, these binoculars deliver unparalleled clarity, giving you an unrivaled edge to explore the nocturnal wonders. Every detail, every movement, and every enchanting creature can now be experienced in stunning high definition.

    Night vision binocular multi-coated glass and exclusive-cybernetic innovation. Night vision binocular comes with high-resolution Gen2 intensifier tube. The heavy-coated 90mm glass lens allow for optimum clarity and distance, with the help of the infrared illuminator you can see through the darkness.


    Feature Description
    Magnification Powerful 5x
    Image Intensifier Tube High resolution Gen2
    Optics Multi-coated all-glass
    Proximity Sensor Automatic ON/OFF
    Infrared Illuminator Long-range
    Operation Easy
    Water Resistance Yes
    Warranty Limited one year


    Model RM-95A
    IIT Gen2
    Magnification 5X
    FOV 20°
    Focus range 8m to infinity
    Exit pupil  15mm
    Diopter adjustment -5 /+5
    Reticle scale-division value 5 mils
    Battery type 1xCR123 lithium battery, 3V
    Estinated battery life w/out IR up to 20 hours
    Dimension 225*150*750 (mm)
    Net weight 1.5 KG
    Image Intensifier Tube  
    Photocathode type 18mm S-25
    Photocathode sensitivity, typical, μA/lm ≥550
    Resolution, typical, lp/mm 47-58 lp/mm
    Luminous gain, typical, fl/fcd 19000-25000
    Signal-to-noise ratio, typical 20:1 or better
    FOM, typical 1150 - 1350
    Tube reliability standard, hour 10000
    Keep time, typical, year 10
    Warranty, year 1
    Effective Distance  
    Detection range, approx., m/yard  
                            - quarter moon up to 450
                            - cloud cover up to 300
    Recognition range, approx., m/yard  
                            - quarter moon up to 380
                             - cloud cover up to 240
    5mW IR iluminator, approx., m/yard up to 50/55
    Environmental Data  
    Operating temperature, °C/°F -40° to +50°/-40° to +122°
    Storage temperature, °C/°F -30° to +50°/-86 to+122°
    Waterproof rate IPX4
    Humidity, % up to 98%


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    Jensen Alder
    Enhanced Exploration: Gen2 5X Lens Night Vision Binoculars

    Gen2 Night Vision Binoculars with a 5X lens elevated my night vision experience. The second-generation technology combined with high magnification allowed me to observe wildlife and terrain with exceptional clarity, enhancing my nighttime exploration.