LUNT LS40THa/B500 H-Alpha Solar Telescope

LUNT LS40THa/B500 H-Alpha Solar Telescope

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    Why Buy From Clarity Scopes

    The LS40THa/B500 is a complete telescope for observing the sun in H-alpha, with 40 mm aperture (no central obstruction) and 400 mm focal length. The H-alpha wavelength is the most impressive way to observe the sun, showing prominences at the sun´s edge, filaments and flares on the surface, and much more. An Etalon with mechanical tilt-tuning provides <0.7 Angstrom bandwidth.

    Fine adjustment is achieved with a 1.25 inch helical focuser. Blocking filter is the B500, this is good for visual observation of the sun. The star diagonal in which the blocking filter is installed, is equipped as standard for 1.25 inch eyepiece connection.

    The easy handling makes this telescope ideal for starting H-Alpha solar observation. Due to its compact dimensions it is also a good travel telescope for the experienced solar observers.

    The LS40THa telescopes are available with choice of B500, B600 or B1200 blocking filters. The larger blocking filters provide less edge obstruction and a larger field of view for visual observation and photography. Please note that these telescopes have only a very small back focus and therefore photography is difficult. We recommend special astro cameras for photography which have a very short distance to the sensor, preferable monochrome models.


    • Aperture: 40 mm (no central obstruction, 2-lens refractor)
    • Focal length: 400 mm
    • Bandwidth: <0.7 angstroms
    • Tuning: mechanical tilt-tuning
    • Blocking filter: B500 with 1.25 inch connection
    • Focuser: helical focuser
    • Dovetail bar matching standard GP style
    • 1/4-20 tapped base (standard thread for photo tripods)
    • Sol-Searcher included
    • Weight: 1.2 kg
    • Length: 41 cm



    Connection to eyepiece 1.25"
    Focal length 400mm
    Density 0.7Ä
    Blocking Filter B500

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