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RACTOR OPTICA Inverted Metallographic Microscope (7980850184449)

RACTOR OPTICA Inverted Metallographic Microscope

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    Featuring advanced optics, superior illumination, and a user-friendly interface, Ractor Optica effortlessly merges powerful performance with seamless functionality. Unleash your scientific prowess as you effortlessly navigate through samples, zoom in on microscopic details, and capture stunning images and videos to document your groundbreaking discoveries.


    Essential details:

    Model Number RO-41X Product name inverted metallographic microscope
    Drawtube Trinocular


    Product Description:

    1.Product introduction

    The microscope employs a semi achromatic objective lens and an unlimited chromatic aberration correction optical system. The image quality is equivalent to that of an imported microscope. It is one of the best microscopes in the domestic metallographic microscope.

    1. total magnification: 50-500 times

    2. optical system: infinite color correction optical system (CSIS), better image quality, higher resolution, more comfortable observation;

    3. objective lens: unlimited and ultra long distance professional metallographic objective

    50 times and 100 times the objective lens is a semi compound achromatic objective, and the image sharpness is greatly improved

    4. eyepiece: high focus, ultra wide field of view, flat eyepiece, PL10x/22mm, to provide more spacious and flat observation space, and can be added to measure the various micrometer ruler;

    5. observation cylinder: hinge type three eyes, adjustable visibility, 45 degrees tilt, you can take pictures, to observe the image acquisition and storage, configuration of computers and professional software to achieve image analysis;

    6.: a fine and coarse focusing mechanism, coaxial focusing mechanism, with a coarse adjusting device, coarse per trip 38mm, 0.002mm precision trimmer;

    7. lighting system: reflector type illuminator with variable aperture and center adjustable field of view, adaptive 90V-240V wide voltage, 12V50W imported halogen lamp, effectively protect and prolong the service life of halogen bulb;

    8. The stage: the installation of coaxial underhand moving ruler and adjustment stage extension plate, expand the application space, to meet the different needs of customers.

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