RACTOR OPTICA RO-4XB Metallurgical Microscope – Clarity Scopes
RACTOR OPTICA RO-4XB Metallurgical Microscope (7981056590081)
RACTOR OPTICA RO-4XB Metallurgical Microscope (7981056590081)
RACTOR OPTICA RO-4XB Metallurgical Microscope (7981056590081)
RACTOR OPTICA RO-4XB Metallurgical Microscope (7981056590081)

RACTOR OPTICA RO-4XB Metallurgical Microscope

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    No challenge is too great for the RO-4XB. Equipped with a host of advanced features, it effortlessly adapts to diverse applications, making it the ultimate companion for researchers, educators, and professionals alike. Witness versatility like never before.


    Essential details:

    Warranty 1 YEAR
    Model Number
    Drawtube Binocular Magnifications 100X-1250X
    Adjusting range
    7mm Rough Focus range
    Lighting bulb
    6V, 12W Bromine tungsten lamp
    Theory Metallurgical Microscope
    Usage Metallurgical Microscope
    Mechanical tube length
    grid value
    Mechanical table
    75 *50mm
    Packing dimensions
    360 * 246 * 350 mm

    Product Description:

    1. Application:

    This device is a kind of inverted type optical microscope. Due to the surface of specimen to be observed coinciding with the table surface, it has no limit to the height of specimen. It features convenient operation, compact structure and elegant appearance. The equipment base has large supporting area and the arm bend is strong which makes the gravity of equipment lower, thus it can be placed stably and reliably.  There is a 45 º  tilt angle between the eyepiece and supporting surface, and this make it comfortable to observe.

    2. Main technical specifications: 

    1. Eyepiece



         N. A


     Flat fielding eyepiece







     Objective lens     



       N. A   


      Working distance (mm)

    Achromatic lens





    Semi-flat-field Achromatic lens





    Achromatic lens





    2. Magnifications: 100X-1250X

    3. Mechanical tube length: 160mm

    4. Micro Focus:  Adjusting range: 7mm, grid value: 0.002mm

    5. Rough Focus range: 7mm

    6. Mechanical table: 75 x 50mm

    7. Lighting bulb: 6V, 12W Bromine tungsten lamp

    8. Weight: 5 Kg

    9. Packing dimensions: 360 x 246 x 350 mm

    3. Main accessories:

    1. Main body: 1 set

    2. Loading table spring: 1 pc.

    3. Loading slices: Ø10, Ø20   1 pc. each

    4. Filter (yellow, green, gray & frosted glass): 1 pc. each

    5. Fir oil: 1 bottle

    6. Bulb (bromine tungsten lamp) 2 pc s. (spare)

    7. Eyepiece: 10X, 12.5X   2 pc s. each

    8. Objective lens: 10X, 40X, 100X  1 pc. each

    9. Binocular tube: 1 pc.

    10. Micrometer (grid value 0.01mm): 1 pc.

    11. Option: photographic device 1 set

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Bryce Thompson
    Revolutionizing Metal Analysis: Exceptional Engineering Microscope

    As a materials engineer, it has revolutionized my work. Its high magnification and illumination options allow for detailed analysis of metal structures and defects. This microscope's exceptional optics have undoubtedly elevated my research.