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RACTOR OPTICA RO-8045T Trinocular Gemological Microscope (7980899959041)

RACTOR OPTICA RO-8045T Trinocular Gemological Microscope

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    With its unrivaled optics, the Ractor Optica RO-8045T ensures a visual feast for your eyes, rendering even the tiniest imperfections with astonishing clarity. Feel like a master gemologist as you explore the vibrant hues, stunning patterns, and exceptional characteristics that make each gemstone a unique work of art.


    Essential details:

    Warranty 3 years
    Model Number
    Drawtube Trinocular
    Viewing head
    jewellery microscope
    Objective 0.67x-4.5x
    Focusing Focusing range: 110mm
    Upper Illumination
    7W Fluorescent lamp,1W single LED Light
    Theory Stereo Microscope
    Application Jewelry Industry
    Eyepiece WF10x/22mm
    Stage gem clamp
    Bottom Illumination
    6V 30W halogen lamp


    Products Description


    A gemological microscope is the microscope used by jewelers and gem stone experts, the gemological microscope is the most important tool in their jobs. BS-8045 gemological microscope is especially designed to view precious stone samples and the pieces of jewelry that are contained in them, like diamonds, crystals, gems and other jewelry. These microscopes are equipped with multiple illumination systems to enhance the image of the samples.

    1. Zoom optical system 1:6.7. With 0.67x-4.5x zoom lens and 10x/22mm eyepiece, the magnification 6.7x-45x fulfills the needs of jewelry appearance observation and internal fine identification. The working distance is 100mm. Excellent optical system provides high definition, high contrast and high resolution images. And with a large depth of field, the final imaging has a strong 3D effect.
    2. Multi-functional base and stand. Professional jewelry microscope stand, with the base rotation, observation angle adjustment, body lifting and other functions. It can be adjusted according to the different habits and different samples.
    3. Abundant illumination and imaging mode. With fluorescent and halogen illumination, you can achieve parallel light, oblique light, transmitted light and other lighting methods, to achieve bright field, dark field and polarized light observation. Thus, you can analyze various components and characteristics of gem. Transmitted illumination adopts 6V/30W halogen lamp, darkfield, brightness adjustable. The upper illumination is 7W daylight fluorescent lamp, it can reflect the true color of the surface of the jewelry, the lamp can be adjusted to any angle you need. You also can choose 1W white LED illumination for the upper illumination, the LED lamp has long life and energy-saving features.
    4. Various auxiliary objectives are available. According to the size of the samples and the required magnification, you can choose a variety of auxiliary objectives to change the system’s working distance and magnification.
    5. Trinocular head and C-mount adapters are optional. Trinocular head is available for different cameras which can be connected to LCD monitor or computer for image analysis, processing and measurement. Different C-mount adapters are available according to different camera sensor size.
    6. Polarizing device is optional. Put the polarizer in the middle stage and screw the analyzer into the thread in the bottom of the viewing tube, then polarizing observation can be fulfilled. The analyzer can be rotated 360°.
    7. Gem clamp. Both sides of the stage have mounting holes for gem clamp. There are 2 types of clamps, flat clamp and wire clamp. Flat clamp can hold small samples stably, wire clamp can hold larger samples and can ensure enough light.

    RO-8045 gemological microscopes are precision microscope that are capable of inspecting diamonds, emeralds, rubies and all other types of precious stones. They are usually used to identify the authenticity of gemstones, they are widely used in design, produce and repair of jewelry.



    Viewing Head
    Binocular Viewing Head, Inclined at 45°, Interpupillary Distance: 52-76mm

    Trinocular Viewing Head, Inclined at 45°, Interpupillary Distance: 52-76mm

    Eyepiece (with diopter adjustment)


    Zoom Objective
    Zoom range 0.67×-4.5×, zoom ratio 1:6.7, working distance 100mm
    Auxiliary Objective
    0.75×, W.D.:177mm

    1.5×, W.D.:47mm

    2×, W.D.:26mm
    Bottom Illumination
    6V 30W halogen lamp, Bright and dark field illumination, brightness adjustable
    Upper Illumination
    7W Fluorescent lamp

    1W single LED Light, brightness adjustable
    Focusing range: 110mm, torque of focusing knob can be adjusted
    Gem Clamp
    Wire clamp

    Flat clamp
    At both side, there is a gem clamp fixing holes for you to choose
    0-45° Inclined
    360° rotatable base, input voltage: 110V-220V
    Polarizing Kit
    Polarizer and analyzer
    C-mount Adapters
    0.35x/0.5x/0.65x/1x C-mount adapter

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