RACTOR OPTICA RO-880 Capillaroscopy Microcirculation Microscope – Clarity Scopes
RACTOR OPTICA RO-880 Capillaroscopy Microcirculation Microscope (7977893888257)
RACTOR OPTICA RO-880 Capillaroscopy Microcirculation Microscope (7977893888257)
RACTOR OPTICA RO-880 Capillaroscopy Microcirculation Microscope (7977893888257)
RACTOR OPTICA RO-880 Capillaroscopy Microcirculation Microscope (7977893888257)
RACTOR OPTICA RO-880 Capillaroscopy Microcirculation Microscope (7977893888257)
RACTOR OPTICA RO-880 Capillaroscopy Microcirculation Microscope (7977893888257)

RACTOR OPTICA RO-880 Capillaroscopy Microcirculation Microscope

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    Why Buy From Clarity Scopes

    Equipped with advanced optics and innovative technology, the Ractor Optica RO-880 effortlessly captures vivid images, transporting you into a realm where health and science converge in perfect harmony. Engage in a symphony of discovery as you witness the intricate patterns, detect early signs of disease, and unlock the secrets of your body's inner workings.


    Essential details

    Warranty 1 Year
    Model Number
    Color Black Magnification 380X/500X/600X optional
    Light source
    LED Gross weight
    Brand Name Ractor Optica Function Detecting Body Health
    Application Home ,Clinic,Health Center ,School,Hospital,etc Input&Output
    AC input 100~240V 50/60Hz DC output DC12V,2A
    Microcirculation LCD Monitor
    8 Inch/10 Inch/12 Inch


    Product Description

    What is microcirculation?

    The microcirculation is the circulation of the blood in the smallest blood vessels, the microvessels of the microvasculature present within organ tissues. The microvessels include terminal arterioles, metarterioles, capillaries, and venules.

    What is nailfold capillaroscopy microcirculation microscope?

    The Nailfold Capillaroscopy Microcirculation Microscope is an advance medical photoelectric apparatus,equipped with built in special LED light source,used mainly in observation on human nail fold capillary microcirculation or term as video Nailfold capillaroscopy,Such as capillary blood flow, abnormal microcirculation of the vascular structure, cell adhesion, through its powerful 380X(or 240X)optical magnification. Undistorted, real time dynamic video streaming via Sony CCD imaging device onto the LCD monitor screen. Simply insert the finger to the holder below the optical lens apparatus, fine-tune to fix the focal length and uncover the desired images within seconds.Blood capilliary microcirculation microscope is a non-invasive diagnostic tools, which is gaining large credit among physicians of different specialities in for study of skin blood capilliary network.

    Product parameter

    Brand Name
    Ractor Optica
    Detecting Body Health
    380X/500X/600X optional
    AC input 100-240V50/60Hz DC
    5X,effective range 25mm
    Objective type
    Mechanical stage
    X-Y double layer compound mechanical stage
    Focusing mechanism
    Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment
    Inner dimming
    LED cold light
    I or B
    12V,1A, DC power source
    Built-in camera
    80 000 pixels
    LCD monitor
    8inch/10inch /12inch/Color LCD monitor
    CE approved
    Net weight
    Gross weight
    Inner package
    Aluminum password box, memory foam
    Out package
    Corrugated box


    What is its features?

    1. Can be observed in 5 seconds microvascular circulation, simple operation, fast.
    2. Microscopic displays image stability, clear and not shake.
    3. 3400 times of microcirculation for high resolution microscopy.
    4. Handheld ultra lightweight design, make observation more action.
    5. With micro focus wheel, can adjust the focal length, more convenience.
    6. Inner objective with LED cold light,can provide accurate projection illumination on the target.
    7. Using non-intrusive way, observing human blood microcirculation status in a timely manner.
    8. Can observation microcirculation For any parts of body.

    Product application

    1. A wall of peripheral microcirculation observation
    2. Skin peripheral microcirculation observation
    3. Sweat glands observation
    4. Follicle observation

    How to use

    1. Fix the screen on the top of the mechanical machines
    2. Plug in the power line and video line to the interface of the base.
    3. Connect the plug,the plug shows green lights. Press the “Power” button of the screen,wait 3 seconds,the screen will light.
    4. Paint three drops of oil at the position of the intersection of the ring finger nails and skin. Put the oil coated finger in finger hold. ( If there is no Cedar oil then please use baby oil or olive oil instead )
    5. Adjust the coarse hand wheel,when the screen displays images, then adjust fine handwheel, Picture becomes clearer. The bigger one is the coarse adjustable wheel and the small wheel is the fine handwheel.When the machine is about 2-3cm away from the finger , there will be a clear transparent image on screen.
    6. Then, Adjus platform lateral movement handwheel to get a correct position of the first line of the vessel(capillary tube) and then adjust the fine coarse handwheel to get a clear picture of the vessel. Your fingers will move from left to right on the double loading platform. So try to find the first line of vessels by rotating the platform lateral movement handwheel to change the position of the finger. And finally rotate the fine handwheel (the position is showed in structure) to get a clear picture of the vessels.
    7. If there is spot on the screen, rotate the camera right and left to eliminate it.

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