RACTOR OPTICA RO-KP21 Monocular Video 60FPS Industrial inspection Microscope (7980429705473)
RACTOR OPTICA RO-KP21 Monocular Video 60FPS Industrial inspection Microscope (7980429705473)
RACTOR OPTICA RO-KP21 Monocular Video 60FPS Industrial inspection Microscope (7980429705473)

RACTOR OPTICA RO-KP21 Monocular Video 60FPS Industrial inspection Microscope

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    Why Buy From Clarity Scopes

    Prepare to be amazed as the RO-KP21 effortlessly reveals the intricate secrets concealed to the naked eye. The microscope's exceptional magnification and precise focusing capabilities allow you to dive deeper into the microscopic realm, unveiling hidden patterns, diagnosing faults, and discovering the true essence of your subject matter.


    Essential details

    Brand Name
    RACTOR OPTICA  Model Number
    Drawtube Monocular Digital amplification
    Zoom Objective
    Eyepiece 0.5X
    Auxiliary lens
    2X Working Distance
    Base Plate size
    Sensor 21 Million Pixels CMOS Sensor
    Image resolution
    5488*4112 (for TF Card),1920x1080(for TF Card),
    Single package size
    46X35X30 cm
    Single gross weight


    Product Description

    Model RO-KP21
    Eyepiece 0.5X
    Auxiliary lens 2X
    Zoom Objective 0.7X-4.5X
    Optical digital amplification 17X-216X
    Working distance 40mm-100mm
    Rise and fall range 275mm
    Focusing range 60mm
    Base Plate size 370X250X16mm
    Bracket diameter 50mm
    Output Interface HD/USB
    Sensor 21 Million Pixels CMOS Sensor
    Optical format 1/2.3 inch
    Pixel size 1.335µm × 1.335µm
    Interface HD(Type A),USB(Type B),TF Card
    Image resolution 5488*4112 (for TF Card), 1920x1080(for TF Card),
    Video record resolution 2K@30FPS,1080p@60FPS
    HDMI Resoltion 1920*1080p 60FPS
    HDMI proportion Support 4:3, 16:9, 16:10 screen
    USB2.0(Drive free) 1920*1080@30 1280*720@30 640*480@30
    TF card MAX 64GB
    White balance WB color correction/Auto/Manual,R/G/B value setting independent
    Exposure Auto/Manual.AE value can set
    Cross lines 8 lines.Can set color& width& position
    Scale mark lines 2 lines.
    Dotted lines 2 lines.Can set color& width& position
    LED ring light Inside diameter size 60mm,The input voltage AC90-240V,The output power 4.5w,Light color white,Lamp bead 56

    Packing List :

    1, 0.7X-4.5X zoom lens*1
    2, Focus rack *1      
    3, Pillar stand and Base Plate *1
    4, LED ring light *1
    5, 21 MP microscope camera *1
    6, High Definition line *1
    7, USB data line *1
    8, The camera power adapter *1
    9, CD drive *1
    10, Remote control *1
    11, Auxiliary lens 2X *1


    1, This product is mainly HD output,USB connected computer can only display images,The monitor can be displayed simultaneously with the connected computer, but the parameters cannot be adjusted when connected to the computer To adjust the parameters, you need to connect the monitor to adjust.
    2, Remote control can not be used when connecting computer;using remote control to adjust parameters needs to be in HDMI connected monitor state.






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