Ractor Optica RO-Z7 Triocular Continuous Zoom Stereo Microscope (7978214523137)

Ractor Optica RO-Z7 Triocular Continuous Zoom Stereo Microscope

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    Unleashing the power of cutting-edge optics, the RO-Z7 presents an unrivaled visual experience that will leave you spellbound. Its trinocular design offers a seamless fusion of precision, clarity, and depth, allowing you to observe the tiniest details with unparalleled magnification. From intricate biological specimens to intricate circuitry, witness the wonders of the microcosm come to life before your eyes!


    Essential details

    Model Number
    RO-Z7 Brand Name  Ractor Optica
    Drawtube BINOCULAR Eyepiece WF10X/20mm
    Pixel 3 Million Pixels
    Theory Metallurgical Microscope
    Application Biology, medicine, electronics
    Illumination Transmitting light, incident light
    Warranty 12 Months

    Product Description

    Triocular continuous zoom stereo microscope RO-Z7

    RO-Z7 is an instrument providing high-quality optical system with durable and reliable operation. Complete accessories and diverse combinations meet the high-precision requirements of the modern biology, medicine, scientific research, modern electronic industry online detection and other scientific and technological industries.


    1. High quality optical components coated with special coatings provide high quality optical images.
    2. The formation of a flat image plane and a good contrast positive image in a large field of view, especially in the peripheral field of view, where the image quality is brighter and clearer.
    3. Continuous variable objective lens 0.7X~4.5X(6.3:1),standard magnification7X~45X(Optional auxiliary objective lens, magnification ratio 7X~90X)
    4. Effective standard working distance up to 100mm,optional auxiliary objective lens,and the working distance can be extended to 26 mm~287mm to create enough space for usage.
    5. The observation head is inclined at 45 °and the binocular vision is adjustable to ensure that users with different eyesight can obtain clear and satisfactory images.
    6. Ergonomic structural design, best eye height, no fatigue for long time use.
    7. Horizontal (axial) bilateral setting of zoom hand-wheel, convenient and comfortable operation, high precision of variable repeat.
    8. Various accessories for expansion of the applications



    High eye point large field eyepiece WF10X/20mm

    Observation head

    Trinocular observation heads,

    45° inclined,

    360° rotatable,

    Continuous variable objective lens 0.7X-4.5X,

    Working distance 100mm.

    Pupil distance adjustment range54mm-76mm,

    Bilateral opacity adjustable ±5 diopter.

    Focusing bracket

    Zoom hand-wheel fastening and loosening adjustable, lifting range 50mm.


    Arm type large plate base.

    Other external light source

    Circular 56pcs LED, brightness adjustable


    0.5X C Camera connector   3 million pixel spectrum camera

    Measurement system


    Photographic device

    Camera tube(with PK bayonet )3.2X camera eyepiece

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