STARGAZER S-3070T Aperture Ar Space Telescope and Finderscope (7980005359873)
STARGAZER S-3070T Aperture Ar Space Telescope and Finderscope (7980005359873)
STARGAZER S-3070T Aperture Ar Space Telescope and Finderscope (7980005359873)
STARGAZER S-3070T Aperture Ar Space Telescope and Finderscope (7980005359873)
STARGAZER S-3070T Aperture Ar Space Telescope and Finderscope (7980005359873)

STARGAZER S-3070T Aperture Ar Space Telescope and Finderscope

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    Why Buy From Clarity Scopes

    Get ready to take your stargazing to the next level! With its impressive aperture and advanced finderscope technology, this telescope is designed to provide you with a crystal-clear view of the night sky. Whether you're an experienced astronomer or just starting out, you'll be amazed by the stunning images you can capture with this high-performance telescope.


    Essential details 

    Brand Name
     STARGAZER  Model Number
    Color white
    Type Monoculars
    Exit pupil diameter
    3.5mm Exit pupil distance
    Field of view
    Eyepieces 6mm, 20mm
    Teleconverter 1.5X, 3X
    Aluminum Alloy Tripod
    Magnification power
    15x to 150x
    Zenith Mirror
    Positive image


    Product Description

    Sharing In Real Time
    Use H20mm eyepieces and lunar lenses to view all the details of the moon crater, and use H6mm eyepieces to view ground objects on land. H20mm, H6mm 2 eyepiece,1.5x upright and lunar lens, 360mm focal length, 70mm objective lens diameter, 1.5x upright lens, coated lens. Powerful telescope for sky and land exploration, perfect gift for children and beginners in astronomy

    High-Quality Optics
    300mm(f/4.3) focal length 70mm aperture, fully multi-coated optical glass with high transmission creates stunning images and protects your eyes. Perfect telescope to explore the stars and the moon.

    Great Gift For Kids & Beginners 
    Excellent telescope for kids & beginners as Christmas gifts or birthday gifts. Observe the scenery and during the day, observe the stars and the moon at night. This telescope is a great choice to explore astronomy.

    It is equipped with 2 different magnification eyepieces (6mm/20mm) and 1.5X and 3X magnification erection lens. You can freely match and observe objects of different distances and sizes.

    About function:
    You can see the round island on the moon by it. Tripod height: 1.25M.

    About configuration
    The focal length is 300mm, the aperture is 70mm, and it is equipped with 2 eyepieces: H6 (for daytime viewing) and H20 (for viewing the moon at night), in addition equipped with a 3x Barov lens, one piece of 1.5x erect image lens and one piece of moon len.
    1. Moon Filter: Because there is a lot of reflected light interfering our observation of full moon, so we can use the moon filter to avoid the interference, and then the moon's surface will be seen more clearly.
    2. Please screw the moon filter into the threaded of eyepiece lens' lower part, and then connect the eyepiece lens with zenith lens.

    About multiples
    Equipped with eyepieces: H6mm, H20mm, the multiples are: 300/6=50 times, 300/20=15 times. If you choose a 3x Ballov lens, the multiplier is 50X3=150x, 15X3=45x; plus the 1.5x orthographic lens, the imaging is a positive image, and the magnifications are: 50X1.5=75x, 15X1 .5=22.5 times. Namely: minimum magnification: 15 times, maximum magnification: 150 times.

    Calculation formula
    Objective lens focal length / eyepiece focal length * several times Barov's multiple = maximum magnification Objective lens focal length/eyepiece focal length = magnification

    Installation Steps
    1. Put up tripod, then attach the lens tube.
    2. After the tube is fixed, install the finderscope (for preliminary search of the target object), then install the eyepiece
    (choose one from the two).
    3. After find out the big goal, then debug with different eyepieces.

    Note 1 The first time you use it, you must be patient and patient again! The possibility of astronomical damage is very, very small, not to mention that every telescope has been strictly inspected before we release it. When using a 3x Barov lens, install the Barov lens first, and then install the eyepiece. (To install the Barov lens, you need to remove the cover on the device where the eyepiece is installed.)
    Note 2
    Only one eyepiece (H6mm, H20mm) can be installed at the same time. Only one teleconverters (3x Barov lens or 1.5x erect lens) can be installed at the same time.

    Usage rules:
    1. Pull the supporting legs apart, install the telescope tube on the yoke, and adjust it with a large lock screw. 2. Insert the lens into the focusing tube and fix it with the corresponding screws. 3. Install the eyepiece and the finder on the mirror, and fix them with the corresponding screws. 4. If you want to magnify with an erect lens, install it between the eyepiece and the lens barrel (no need to install a 90-degree lens), so that you can view the celestial body(see the manual for specific operations) 5. Suitable for kids over 8 years old.


    Product: AR telescope 
    Model: S-3070T
    Tripod: 1.25m
    Imaging: positive image
    Mobile phone holder: Yes
    Finder: Yes
    Objective lens: focal length 300mm, aperture 70mm, focal ratio 4.3
    Eyepiece : 6mm/12.5mm/20mm
    Teleconverter : 1.5X/3X
    Magnifying power: 15x /22.5x/24x/36x/45x/50x/72x/75x/150x
    AR function: Yes

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