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Unveiling the Future: INSIGNIA MS715E 35mm Infrared Uncooled Thermal Imager Scope Binocular


Welcome to Clarity Scopes, where cutting-edge technology meets exceptional performance. In this in-depth review, we'll explore the remarkable features of our flagship product, the INSIGNIA MS715E 35mm Infrared Uncooled Thermal Imager Scope Binocular. Designed for precision, versatility, and superior functionality, this thermal imager is an ideal companion for a wide range of applications, from law enforcement to outdoor enthusiasts.

Key Features:

1. High-Resolution OLED Display

The MS715E boasts a large, high-resolution OLED display with a stunning 1440x1080 pixel resolution, providing users with a crisp and detailed viewing experience.

2. Customizable Interpupillary Distance

Achieve optimal observation comfort with the ability to customize the interpupillary distance between 56~71mm, ensuring a personalized and comfortable viewing experience for users.

3. Versatile Observation Modes

With support for low-light mode, infrared thermal imaging mode, and dual-light fusion mode, the MS715E is equipped to meet the demands of day and night observation, making it an invaluable tool for law enforcement professionals.

4. Multi-Functional Camera

The built-in high-resolution low-light camera, WIFI camera, and video function enhance on-site forensics and allow for convenient video recording, providing users with a comprehensive solution in a single device.

5. Advanced Positioning and Navigation

Benefit from precise GPS positioning, displaying longitude, latitude, and altitude, along with a three-dimensional electronic compass that provides real-time azimuth angle, horizontal roll, and pitch angle parameters.

6. Laser Ranging and Target Positioning

The MS715E features a 1000m accurate laser ranging system with an independent switch laser indicator, facilitating precise target positioning for enhanced situational awareness.

7. Robust Design for Various Environments

Encased in IP66 encapsulation, the MS715E is designed to withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring reliable performance in challenging situations.

Technical Specifications (Continued)

Items MS715E MS715 MS715P
NETD ≤35mk@30℃ - -
IR lens Focal length: 35mm Focal length: 50mm Focal length: 50mm
FOV 7.5°*5.7°(±5%) 5.3°*4.0°(±5%) 8.8°*7.0°(±5%)
Focusing method Manual focus - -
Low-light lens Resolution: 1920(H)×1080(V) - -
Minimum illumination Color:DSS:0.0002LUX, BW DSS: 0.0001 LUX - -
Image display Monitor Binocular 0.39-inch color OLED, resolution 1440*1080 -
Interpupillary distance 56~71mm adjustable - -
Diopter adjustment -5D~+5D adjustable - -
Image storage Storage card Built-in memory -
Storage method Photo/Video - -
File format JPG/MP4 - -
Capacity Standard 32G - -
Function Brightness/ Gainess Auto/manual -
Image correction Auto/manual - -
E-zoom 1.0~8.0x - -
Picture-in-picture Yes - -
Hotspot Tracking Yes - -
Laser Ranging / 1000m±1m -
Distance display / Real-time display of ranging distance -
Laser pointer / Yes -
GPS positioning / Yes -
Electronic compass Yes - -
Wifi transmission Yes - -
Scene mode Natural, enhanced, highlighted - -
Image mode Low light mode, infrared thermal imaging mode, dual light fusion mode - -
Image color code White hot, black hot, iron red, red hot, ocean, desert, forest, etc. - -
Power system Battery type 2 18650 batteries -
Battery continuous working time >5h - -
Charging method Support online charging and dedicated charger - -
External power supply DC5V/2A(USB Type-C) - -
Sleep function Yes - -
Environment Working temperature -30℃~55℃ -
Storage temperature -40℃~70℃ - -
Humidity ≦95%(non-condensing) - -
Impact resistance 30g,GB/T2423.5(IEC60068-2-27) - -
Anti-vibration 2g,GB/T2423.10(IEC60068-2-6) - -
Encapsulation IP66 - -
Physical Weight ≤0.6Kg(without battery) -
Color Black - -
Dimension 211(L)mm×145(W)mm× 74(H)mm - -
External interface Data interface Yes -
External video HDMI - -
USB Yes - -
Installation interface 1/4"-20-UNC - -
Detection distance Human(1.8×0.5)m Low light:3200m IR:1400m Fusion:1400m Low light:3200m IR:2000m Fusion:2000m
Detection distance Vehicle(2.3×2.3)m Low light:5100m IR:2300m Fusion:2300m Low light:5100m IR:3200m Fusion:3200m


The INSIGNIA MS715E 35mm Infrared Uncooled Thermal Imager Scope Binocular stands as a testament to Clarity Scopes' commitment to delivering cutting-edge optical solutions. With its advanced features, robust design, and exceptional performance, this thermal imager is poised to redefine your observation experience.

If you're ready to elevate your observational capabilities, visit our website at clarity-scopes.com to explore and acquire the INSIGNIA MS715E and other innovative products.

For inquiries, feel free to contact our dedicated customer support. Thank you for choosing Clarity Scopes for your optical needs.