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RACTOR OPTICA RO-C20B Cheap Electron Video Microscope (7980130402561)

RACTOR OPTICA RO-C20B Cheap Electron Video Microscope

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    Unlocking new dimensions of exploration, the RO-C20B allows you to delve into the intricacies of cells, crystals, and beyond, as if you possessed the eyes of a superhuman observer. Witness the vibrant dance of vibrant colors, the mesmerizing symphony of structure, and the secret realms that have eluded human sight until now.


    Essential details

    Brand Name RACTOR OPTICA   Model Number RO-C20B
    Theory Video Microscope
    Drawtube Monocular
    Single package size
    10X10X10 cm
    Single gross weight
    3 kg

    RACTOR OPTICA RO-C20B Cheap Electron Video Microscope
    Product Description
    Low price this kind of video microscope can plug into VGA display and television, two kinds of mode selections, the superelevation of cost performance, camera color is sent at random.

    Product introduction
    VGA high clear video camera ---Adopt a new generation and import 2 million to look like and count the transducer of the picture original packagingly, the frame several 10-15 frame, color is lifelike, stability is strong, the ones that are suitable for fast high-efficiently are in the test place of line. The industry camera is suitable for the test place of the micro- meticulous things of every large field of amount of production, the micro- video has been liberated by the stereoscopic micro- fatigue that brings human eyes and cervical vertebra directly, AV monitor not clear glimmers to replace heaviness and picture too, has improved work rate directly.

    RACTOR OPTICA RO-C20B Products Characteristic
    1,Strong VGA view outputs the function: (can drive CRT/LCD display and TV directly)
    2,The high and clear digital formation of image is made up: (improve and measure efficiency, measure quality and accuracy)
    3,The dynamic observation of translation, there is no shadow of towing smoothly in the view: (save the time of working)
    4,Variable cross curve cursor: It is apt to distinguish the colour difference effect of the testee, assist and examine the localization of clicking
    5,The function of the total word controls menus: (easy and simple to handle, swift, easy to understand, perfect)
    6,The view is steady, have not glimmered: (comfortable, difficult to be tired that eyes are observed)
    7,Keep and set up automatically: (start the machine and does not need to set up repeatedly again)

    Product specification and parameter explain
    The picture transducer of the hardware: 20,000 picture element, 1/3INCH (inch)
    Effective picture element: 1600* 1200
    Frame rate: 10-15
    Definition: Most superb over Line 800 ' Level) 
    Function: Balanced / automatic in vain
    Luminance control / automatic
    Color: Colored /grey level
    Negative: Support
    Mirror image: Support about / from head to foot
    Freeze: Support
    OSD: English / Chinese
    The picture is kept: Support, on the basis of the resolution ratio, highest 24 (512MDDR)
    The picture is compared with: Support the static picture and dynamic picture 1/2 to reject the contrast
    Strengthen in the border: Support
    Contrast ratio: Support
    Colour: Support
    Cross cursor: Support, polychromed
    The vertical line of ruler: Support, polychromed, two respectively, the position can be moved, can define and open / close
    Digital noise reduction: Support

    VGA( RGB) 720P/1024* 768/1280* 1024/1366* 768 @ 60HZ
    AV exports High clear Line 520
    The interface of the lens: Interface of standard Model C
    Video microscope parameter:
    The instrument always enlarges the multiple: 8-80X
    The eyepiece enlarges the multiple: 1X
    The objective enlarges the multiple: 0.35-1.8X

    Baseplate size: 225*155*30mm
    The handwheel focuses in the range: 55mm,
    The support mirror holds the interface size: 50mm,
    The centre-to-centre spacing of pillar: 140mm.
    Go up and down range of regulating ' ( 25mm pillar) : 178mm
    Lens parameter: 0.35-1.8x/W.D.80mm

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